Can we go to Saudi Arabia with an Umrah visa?


Yes, it is possible to visit Saudi Arabia with an Umrah visa. An Umrah visa allows individuals to enter Saudi Arabia specifically to perform Umrah. This type of visa is different from the regular tourist visa and is given to Muslims who want to make a religious pilgrimage. But this type of visa does not prevent people from stopping to enjoy Mecca and Medina as well as other cities in Saudi Arabia.

Getting an Umrah visa or a tourist visa is no longer a long debate for visiting pilgrims, especially those who are not coming to the Kingdom with 7, 10 or 14-day Umrah packages. A visit visa is not allowed in all countries of the world but an Umrah visa is open to all. Giving such opportunities to foreigners is one of the plans of Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz’s 2030 Saudi Vision program.

A few things to keep in mind while applying for Umrah Visa:

  • Importance of Umrah Visa
  • Understanding the Umrah Visa Process
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Completing the Visa Application
  • Visa Approval and Confirmation

Importance of Umrah Visa

When embarking on the spiritual journey of Umrah, obtaining an Umrah visa is an important step to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. This article “Can we go to Saudi Arabia with an Umrah visa?” aims to guide prospective pilgrims by highlighting key considerations to keep in mind when applying for an Umrah visa. By understanding the visa process, planning effectively, and meeting the requirements, pilgrims can enhance their preparations and achieve the ultimate goal of this holy journey.

Understand the Umrah Visa Process

To understand the importance of the Umrah visa, understand that like other visas, it is a permit given by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Muslims around the world. After obtaining this, they can enter the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah to perform Umrah. We cannot go on Hajj with this type of visa.

Eligibility criteria must be met to obtain an Umrah visa. In general, applicants must be of the Muslim faith, they must have a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months. Must provide proof of intent to return to home country after performing Umrah. It is important to review the eligibility requirements thoroughly to ensure compliance and avoid any complications during the application process.

Planning and Preparation

Pilgrims should do careful planning and preparation before applying for an Umrah visa. Choosing a reliable and reputable travel agency is crucial for a smooth experience. To research different agencies, read their reviews, to be able to select the one that provides comprehensive services and support throughout the journey.

Determining the appropriate time for Umrah is a matter of consideration. Factors such as personal commitment, weather conditions, and availability of time and resources must be taken into account. Picking a time that suits personal circumstances and preferences so that the journey of Hajj is memorable.

Budgeting and financial considerations are also important aspects of the planning phase.

Pilgrims should set a realistic budget for their Umrah journey based on their financial capabilities. Factors such as airfare, accommodation, transportation, meals, and miscellaneous expenses must be taken into account to ensure a financially manageable trip.

Completing the Umrah Visa Application

In this digital era, the Umrah visa application process has become more streamlined with the availability of online applications. Muslims can now easily submit visa applications from the comfort of their homes. Online application involves visiting the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah or the designated online portal for visa applications.

Upon accessing the online portal, applicants will be required to provide their personal information after creating their account. This includes details such as name, date of birth, passport information, and contact information. It is very important to ensure that all the information provided is correct and matches the passport details to avoid any discrepancies.

Pilgrims should pay close attention to every detail and ensure that all information is entered correctly. Any mistake or discrepancy may lead to delay or rejection of the visa application. It is essential to double-check names, passport numbers, and other personal details before applying. Incorrect, provided information may confuse visa processing.

After completing the visa application, the next step is to pay the visa fee. The visa fee is mandatory for applicants to obtain an Umrah visa. The amount of the fee may vary depending on the nationality of the applicant and the services provided by the travel agency. Pilgrims can use credit cards, debit cards, or online banking transfers among the commonly accepted payment methods. The visa fee is non-refundable, even in case of visa rejection. So, check all the filled information thoroughly before making the payment.

Visa approval and verification

Before the introduction of the e-Visa, people used to wait for 3 to 4 weeks as it was a time-consuming step for Umrah. But the Saudi government shifted the old paperwork and time-consuming step to a faster process. Today, so-called electronic visas are issued by embassies to applicants via email.

Pilgrims have to wait only for 24 hours but in some special cases there may be a gap of 2 to 3 days otherwise 24 hours is recommended. When opting for an agency to handle the visa application process for Umrah, maintaining open communication with the chosen travel agency becomes crucial.

This communication serves to facilitate seamless assistance with Umrah arrangements. The travel agency takes on the responsibility of keeping the applicant updated on the application’s progress and guiding them through the necessary next steps. By staying in touch with the travel agency, individuals can ensure a smooth and well-coordinated experience when availing of Umrah Packages.

After getting visa approval, it is very significant to check the visa validity dates including entry and exit dates. Getting the Umrah visa approved is an influential milestone in preparing for Umrah.


In conclusion, obtaining an Umrah visa allows individuals to visit Saudi Arabia specifically to perform Umrah. It is important to keep in mind the visa’s validity dates, and requirements, and ensure accurate information during the application process. By understanding the visa process, maintaining open communication with the travel agency, and receiving visa approval, prospective pilgrims can embark on a well-prepared and memorable journey.

Availing of Umrah Packages through a reliable travel agency further enhances the overall experience, providing seamless assistance and support throughout the pilgrimage. With careful planning, thorough preparation, and adherence to the necessary guidelines, pilgrims can fulfil their spiritual aspirations and make the most of their Umrah journey.